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Every company wants the best people, but not everyone is willing to pay for them. If you love what you do then there’s a good chance you could earn a lot more doing it here - and have a lot more fun!

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Job Title Work model Location Department
Lead Delphi Engineer On-site Primrose Hill, London Engineering View job
Lead Delphi Engineer (xLib) On-site Primrose Hill, London Engineering View job
Senior Javascript Engineer (xLib) On-site Primrose Hill, London Engineering View job
IT Engineer / System Administrator On-site Primrose Hill, London Engineering View job

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Share Options

Everyone is offered shares as part of our standard equity plan. Many companies offer share incentives but most of the time they don’t pay off. Of course there’s never a guarantee - but we do have a track record. What we can guarantee is that if we do well then you will too. In our previous companies, 16 people across all roles have become milionares and countless others have paid off their mortgages.

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We offer a formal 30 days of paid holiday. Informally we are flexible and we have a give and take approach; it's all about doing great work. It’s not uncommon for someone to work late into the night and take the next day off. We’ve also offered many a long weekend on us to people who’ve had a particulary stressful week.

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Events & Parties

We try to organise team events as often as possible. In our past companies we’ve had company sports teams, a debating society, a Command and Conquer tournament and a highly popular drinking club. Whilst we are still a bit small for some of those things, join now and you can set them up for us as we grow!

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Tools for the job

Whether you are working from home or the office or both, we have an unlimited budget for the tools you need to do the job. So long as we can see the productivity benefits you’ll be able to order whatever you need - in fact some of our engineers have been known to have the occasional desk-off.

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If you need to travel, it will be business, first or private air travel, best available train and often one of our custom built business vans for road-trips. We are also flexible about reimbursing you if you decide to use your own transport. We want you to either arrive rested or having slogged it our but not having had forced downtime in transit.

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In it together

We have a warchest of approx £250m which was earnt by our founders the hard way-by building businesses. We have no investors or shareholders who are not working full time in the group so those who join now will be working hand in hand with our founders who have all their own money on the line.

Our hiring process

We try to be fast and thorough, and so our process is intense but efficient.



Apply either on our site or via one of our partners. We'll acknowledge immediately and then come back with a yes or no within 24 hours.


Video call

If we proceed, we'll schedule a 15-30 minute video call with you ASAP (often within a day).



We will then have a more in-depth conversation either over video again or in person at our offices in London. This last step may involve a practical test - if so, this will be discussed on the initial call.

How we work


We are organised around projects. Some of these projects have their own brands, some of them have their own trading companies. Some projects are enabling technologies that are used across multiple products. Our people are organised around capabilities and typically work across all projects. Something new will often start as a project in the group and may then be established with its own brand and its own subsidiary.

We are not financial investors; all of our group subsidiaries are wholly owned. Whilst some of our people are day-to-day focused on one company or project, our culture is centered around the group mission.

We grow both organically and through acquisition. We are inventors at heart - not just on the products and technologies but on the go-to-market strategy and operational execution as well. Very often, we see brilliance in other companies where, if combined with our existing people, products, or technologies, something great can be done very quickly.

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Our culture is a product of our people, not the other way around - and we are open to it changing over time. What stays the same is our values. That’s why when we hire people we take time to make sure they share our values and we try to involve as many of our existing people as possible in the recruitment process.

We believe in diversity - not for the sake of it, but because that’s how we believe we’ll be most innovative and most able to envisage the needs of our customers. We are as innovative with our people strategy as we are with our products; we don’t look for people who tick a pre-defined checklist.

We are opportunistic and focus on people’s strengths. In the past, we have designed roles and even started companies based on the people we find. Therefore, our environment is full of variety with a shared sense of mission and common values.


We have no investors or shareholders who are not working full-time in the group. Our aim is to keep it that way. Doing ‘rounds’ is not part of our strategy and building value is not based around the hot metrics of the day. For us, building value is based around a forever-view of first principal business fundamentals; making profits and continuing to grow by reinvesting.

We are fortunate enough to be able to take this approach, even to startup ideas, as we have a warchest of approx £250m. This money is from our founders and was earned the hard way - by building businesses - and they are all-in.

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